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Performing Virus with Batsheva Ensemble (Suzanne Dellal)



Choreographed by Ohad Naharin, Last Performances in Tel Aviv | Suzanne Dellal Centre 
(May 31st & June 2nd 2018)

Naharin’s restaging of his 2001 celebrated creation makes use of Peter Handke’s play, “Offending the Audience”. Handke, the Austrian writer and playwright, is one of the most esteemed German writers of the second half of the 20th century. For Naharin, the play rejects all that is conventional in theatre, and takes a saw to the branch it sits on. Within this process, a kind of void is created-a very interesting space for exploring movement. The work won Ohad Naharin New York’s Bessie Prize in 2003. “… no one can be immune to the emotional charge of the choreography… [the] calligraphy of the body is stunning…” (New York Times) “What a splendid Virus… as powerful as the eye of the storm… the best show in town.” (Jerusalem Post)